My new book!

The new book (iUniverse, publishing, 2022) is called Fibromyalgia: Unravelling the Mysteries of the Dis-ease. In many respects it is a sequel to the first about women and fibromyalgia (2007) but it is more inclusive and somewhat daringly presents theory about who is most likely to develop fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, PTSD and other invisible dis-eases. Causes, symptoms and ways to live a more fulfilling life with the daily challenges of this demon we called fibromyalgia are presented. It is also a personal journal and while subjective there are references which could help the reader understand how and why fibromyalgia develops.

2 thoughts on “My new book!

  1. Susan Shannon

    Congratulations Barbara!! Good news about the publication of your new book. Keep up the great work helping us who have fibromyalgia. Love Sue

  2. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Thank YOU, Sue for your continued support. I have been so remiss with this blog, being so absorbed with the new book. Hope you are doing better in the summer heat or perhaps it is worse? I can’t bear either extreme. regards,

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